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Refer a Friend

$10.00 Gift Card

Gift Card for Every Referral

When we get a referral from a client or a friend in the community like yourself, it means a lot to us. The experienced agents here at Szabo Insurance in Waldorf, Maryland work hard to earn each referral by providing “top notch” service with every call and visit.

A referral is when we get a call or a visit to our office, or a submission using any of the Refer a Friend forms through our website, from someone who either resides or has a business within our service area in Maryland who is new to our agency, requesting a quote, and saying you referred them to us.

It’s that simple! As long as you are 18 years of age or older, your referral will be credited to you even if the person you refer does not ultimately purchase a policy from us after applying. It is not necessary that you be a current client of our agency in order to qualify.

So why not give it a try? Who do YOU know who could benefit from exceptional insurance service with some of the well-rated companies in the industry offering the best rates and coverages?

Szabo Insurance Referral Program Guidelines

1. For the purposes of this Program, a Referral is a qualified prospect – that is, a person who will give us all the necessary information to create a quote and who has a currently-existing insurance policy for us to use for comparison. We reserve the right to exclude as ineligible for this program any referral who has had no prior insurance or who requires high risk auto or other hard-to-place insurance.

2. There is no limit on the number of referrals you may make.

3. The referral program is open to any person age 18 or over who refers at least one eligible prospect to our agency.

4. The qualified prospects that are referred do NOT have to purchase an insurance policy (i.e., become our client) in order for the referring party to receive any of the rewards.

5. We are not responsible if law prohibits you from accepting the prize because of age or any other factor should your name be drawn as our winner.

6. This referral program and the rewards provided are open to any person who refers a qualified prospect to our agency. You do NOT have to be a client of our agency in order to be eligible to participate in this referral program. Agency employees and their immediate family members are not eligible.

7. We reserve the right to change or discontinue this referral program at any time without notice.

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